Quality Clipper Machine Blades Let You Manage Your Livestock Efficiently and Economically

Livestock like sheep, horse and donkeys must be clipped off their body hair periodically especially from the underbelly to keep them in pink of health and condition. Too much of coating on the bodies of the animals provides invitation to various infections through bacteria, viruses and other parasites. If your animal farm is to be run successfully you shall require clipper machine blades of high quality to equip your shearing or clipping machines performing efficiently. The machines could be handheld or stationery, battery operated or plugged to mains, but you still need fresh blades that are sharp enough to shear the hair without inflicting any cuts or scratch on the sheep or goat’s skin.


You must ensure that you are in touch with an equipment supplier for livestock farms because you may need these clipper machine blades  (Laminas) at any time owing to wear and tear or breakdown. Depending on the size of your farm and the number of animals and types you can install a clipper machine on a platform or buy one that is portable and used by hands. You don’t buy a new machine every time the blades become ineffective but you can always replace the worn blades with new blades sourced from a supplier who keep stock of top brand replacements. By replacing the old blades with new you not only get better performance but also save money as you are not replacing the whole machine. This is the most economical way of doing the business and best way to remove the fur from the body of your stock.

Clipper machine blades can be bought over from websites that are specially designed to serve various animals farms that rear sheep, goats, horses, donkeys, cats and dogs. The clipper blades are the most important part of fleecing or trimming the hair from the animals’ body and for best quality call us on our phone number 300 506 249 for Portugal and 931768999 for Spain. We Tosquia Portugal is a supplier of quality equipment and accessories related to livestock farms and we also cater to Ireland and you can dial 021 487 4441 to access us for your orders.


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